Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome To My Rainbow! It's Not Your Mother's Roy G. Biv!

I finished my rainbow book/screen. The front is pictured above. The back is pictured below.

I got started on the book through the Sampler Book class I took at Joggles. But I went off in another direction and had lots of fun.

The idea of a rainbow came after I took a quiz to find my personal rainbow at This book is my real personal rainbow. And before any meteorologist becomes upset, I know that modified the arrangement of the colors. I mean, it's MY rainbow!

I tried to use stuff I already had, and I was quite (though not totally) successful. I have to admit I have a lot of stuff.

The last thing I have to do is make some flags or pennants for the dowels at the beginning and end of the screen. If you want to see how I made each of the pages or what is hidden behind the buttoned door on the second page, look at some of my earlier posts.


Rebecca said...

I think, technically, that is my mother's Roy G. Biv. Or maybe you need to come up with a new acronym!

Gorgeous, though! Have you considered turning the pink bedroom into a gallery for your works?

Robin said...

Gets my vote for best handmade book of the year! Needs to be exhibited in handmade book show. Google "handmade book exhibition Minneapolis" and please do enter! Robin A.

Robin said...

Marty, your beautiful rainbow book influenced my BJP for March... I wrote about it and posted links to your blog here. Thanks so much for your great inspiration!!!!

You might want to consider adding labels to your posts... for example, if you had labeled all of your posts about the book as "rainbow book," then I could click on that label and instantly bring up all of your posts about it. Just a thought for the future... Hope you don't mind me making the suggestion.

Marty S said...

Thanks for the suggestion and for your nice comments about my book. I did do the labels, and I like the way it looks.
Marty S

Marty S said...

Actually, I am thinking about turning the pink bedroom into something not pink. Still thinking...

I'll work on the acronym. Suggestions are welcome.
MOM/Marty S

purplepaint said...

Oh this is so cool!!! I'm trying to figure out how you did the hinges, I'll have to go back and look again.