Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Why Are You Always So Happy?"

he asked.

I stared at him. Then I replied, "I guess I'm just a happy kind of person."

His question got me thinking. Am I always so happy? If so, why?

Now I can be as cranky as the next person. And as irritated, as anxious, as worried, as frightened, as sad, as frustrated, as annoyed, and so on. It usually doesn't last long, and I hardly ever get really angry. Depending on the person you asked, I would probably be responsible for causing as much crankiness, irritation, anxiety, worry, fright, sadness, frustration, and annoyance as anyone else on the planet.

But overall, I am a happy kind of person. I have a pro-active, prevention-oriented, analytical, problem solving, glass half-full mindset.

Then I wondered why I am happy. Psychologists have researched the reasons for happiness, and I wondered what that research meant for me. First, my basic needs--food, shelter, clothing--are met. Second, I have meaningful volunteer work. Third, I have activities that put me in the zone. Fourth, I have a wonderful network of family and friends.

And that brings me to February's BJP. I decided to focus on one of the things contributing to my happiness--my women friends.

Technical Details:

The foundation is Lacy's Stiff Stuff painted with Memories Mist.

The page started with a column of red and pink heart beads. The other beads are 6/0s, 8/0s, 11/0s, 15/0s, some 13/0 Charlottes, some hexes, and some 10/0 triangles.

I always gravitate to the backstitch. It seems to be my default stitch.

The beaded page is 2.75 inches by 2.75 inches.

I used red Nymo thread.

What I Was Thinking:

I selected raspberry as the color for this page because it is a happy, loving color. I see raspberry as not a blatantly feminine color but definitely not a masculine color. I used curves, circles and swirls to represent the reciprocal and undulating nature of my relationship with my women friends. We are mutually accepting, affirming, respectful, supportive, encouraging, and comforting. We laugh together and we cry together. We celebrate together and we grieve together. We learn from each other and we teach each other. The role each of us takes varies from time to time according to our needs and to our abilities to offer. I am very grateful for my women friends.

Issues that Came Up:

I was quite surprised to find that I was using more of the brighter raspberry colors. What in the world could that mean? That the more I thought about my women friends, the happier I got? Yep. That my raspberries were not ripe yet, giving them and my friendships more time to grow and mature? Sounds good, too.

The real fun of this page will come on Monday when I have lunch with two of those good friends. I'll bring this page to show them.


Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Fabulous colour! I love the way you've combined all the different reds. Nice that it's all about your friends, as well.

a2susan said...

I hope you have fun when you get together with your friends and show them your raspberry page! I use raspberry as a neutral color in my house, really! I love it, it's rich, vibrant, relaxing and uplifting. I read through some of your blog and love it!


KV said...

Raspberry is one of my favorite colors to work with in beading, too. Oddly enough, it is rarely found in other aspects of my life.

This is a wonderful piece, Marty!

Kathy V in NM (and I love your rainbow screen!)

Carol said...

This page is totally what BJP is all about. The thought about what you are going to create, and what you created and why. Your beading is exquisite. The colors are perfect. The subject is thought provoking. I love this piece.

Robin said...

Yuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm! Everything about this makes me happpy... color choice, inspiration, design and technically! You and Joan C are both inspiring me to get back to improv! This is so fabulous! And you, happy dear heart, bring happiness to us with this post about being a glass-half-full type of person... thanks so much! Robin A.

Julie said...

Oh, its so beautiful. It looks edible to me. I love red. Julie C

Anonymous said...

Lovely is very happy looking and inspires happiness.


Sabine said...

A beautiful piece to make the rest of the world happy along with you.


Julie said...

I just love this. Reds are my favorite. I love the paths and the flowing color. Julie C

pam T said...

This is gorgeous, Marty! love, love, love the color, the swirls, everything about it. I always love reading your blog..... you are very descriptive. Thanks for sharing!

purplepaint said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

Rachel Murphree said...

Marty -- I think your BJP pages are wonderful! wowser. I can't decide which one I like the best, but I'm leaning toward this one. I love the interplay of the straight line with the curves all under and around it. fabulous. Thanks for commenting on my Mommy Glove, and I really hope you'll do the bjp for the next year. I enjoy seeing your work! Rachel