Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Personal Rainbow, or Not

Encouraged by other bloggers, I went to to find my personal rainbow. I wasn't totally crazy about the colors, so it isn't posted here. Then I wondered if I should take the quiz again or just get out the paints and paint my own rainbow. I'm going with the paints.

But I was intrigued (and still trying to avoid the scheduled encounter with the vacuum cleaner) so I decided to take another quiz. Find a Hobby. Yep. Like I really need another one...

This is the amazing result: Count in Binary Numbers. Binary numbers. Oh, please. I thought I left those behind in Math for the Elementary Teacher, circa 1963. That was in the heyday of The New Math, now no longer new and probably even extinct. I mean, why do they think I married a mathematician? It wasn't so we could spend cozy evenings by the fire counting in binary numbers. I figure that he's responsible for all math related things and I'll remember everyone's birthday.

And then something strange happened. I seemed to feel my right arm going forward to the pencil and an old envelope to start writing binary numbers, interested in whether I could get to 100. Egad!!!! I'm going to vacuum.


happyjacqui said...

My result was paper Journals. I hate scrap booking with a venom! Well,not venom, I like looking at other people's results but me, personally, nah!

However, I redid it and it came up with Mud sculpture. Much more my style!

Plays with Needles said...

I'm supposed to write haiku. Maybe I'll give it a shot. Now I'm off to ride my bike...I'm glad I didn't get binary numbers though or I'd be back asleep....zzzzzz

freebird said...

This was too funny. Vacuuming! Oh no, not that! So did you get to 100?

I am to pick up the hobby of writing haiku. Funny thing is I've been trying to write some poetry lately although none of it has been haiku.