Saturday, February 21, 2009

No Animals Were Harmed In This Process

Step 1: Iron fabric to freezer paper. Tape freezer paper to bathroom floor. Gather paints, brushes and an old towel.

Step 2: Apply paints to freezer paper across from fabric.

Step 3: Spread paint with foam brushes and fingers to make a continuous pattern.

Step 4: Step into paint first with one foot and then the other.

Step 5: Step directly from painted area to fabric, one foot in front of the other.

Step 6: Step off fabric with one foot, placing it onto unpainted area of freezer paper. Step with other foot into bathtub.

Step 7: Place second foot in bathtub, and admire painted fabric.

Step 8: Admire painted bathtub.

Step 9: Admire painted hands.


Nancy said...

Wow! That looks like fun! Do you have plans already for your painted feet fabric or are you waiting for inspiration to strike?

Sabine said...

Thanks for the detailed how-to, Marty!! I had a good laugh. Good that no animals were involved - you would have had a much bigger area to admire. Problem is that animals don't admire the bath tub most of the time. Will we see what you do with the fabric?

You seem to follow a good, old artist tradition: When I worked in a gallery, and we were preparing for an exhibition, the artist had spread a muriel on the floor and was walking all over it with her shoes on. When I exclaimed: "Anna, don't do that!", she said: "Why not, I do it all the time."

I had come to your blog to say thank you for commenting so nicely about my doll(s). Yes, once I sit down and actually work on them, I really enjoy myself.

And now I will stay some more to see what else you have been up to during my rather blog-less time.

Many regards,