Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where the Feet Went

This is where the feet (see post below) went. Into this page for the Sampler Book class I am taking from Joggles. I didn't follow the directions for this page either, but maybe I can get extra credit for going through so many steps to complete the page.

The blue fabric covering the page is some that I painted this summer. The door is another painted piece. To make this page, first I fused the fabric to felt. Then I made the bound hole in the middle. I used the part I cut out to make the door. It is attached with a fabric hinge.

I used Brilliance stamp pads to add a little more color around the edges of the page and to take down the dark splotches on the door. I fused another piece of the light blue fabric to the Pellon #70 base where the hole would be. The words are stamped with Azure Stazon ink, and then darkened with a gel pen.

The buttons started out as a jade green, but I rubbed them on the Azure Stazon ink pad to make them blue. Then I dried them with a heat gun. I found the edging in the basement. It was white. I painted it with various colors of blue. (Totally ineffective light in the basement, hence the numerous tries.) When it still wasn't right, I went at it with the Stazon and some Fabrico ink. It's glued on.

There were lots of other steps in there, but it would probably cause carpal tunnel syndrome if I typed them all out.

This is the back of the page. I wanted to try painting on fusible, but the only kind I had on hand with paper on the back was heavy weight Heat & Bond. Why not? This was an experiment. I painted it with Dye-na-Flow and Lumiere. After it was dry, I ironed it onto a piece of the blue cotton fused to a piece of felt.

It was a little blah looking, so I decided to quilt some wavy lines. If you ever decide to do this, use some kind of stabilizer on top of the painted material. The fusible has a very rubbery feel, and I had a dickens of a time sewing through it until I tried the stablilzer. I used a water soluble kind but just tore it off. I would think you could use a tear-away or even tissue paper. I just used what was closest. Then I added a little gold Lumiere along some of the quilting lines for highlights. Hmmm... Still blah, but better...

After a couple of days of meditating, I decided to put a layer of tulle on top so the painted colors wouldn't be so bright. With a piece of parchment paper on top, I just ironed it onto the page. No additional fusible needed. I decided to try some blue Brilliance around the edges and a little gold Brilliance in the middle. Finally a look that I could live with. The Brilliance, however, would not dry. It kept rubbing off on my fingers whenever I picked up the page. As a last resort, I opened the garage door, took one step into the snow-covered driveway, and sprayed it with a varnish. Yay! No more sticky fingers! Finally I glued on the edging.

Here are the feet! They are a fold-out hidden behind the door. What better way to step into your own rainbow than with multicolored feet?

To decorate the back of the feet fold-out, I used foil. The inside of the door and the opening behind the feet are also foiled. This does not show up well in the photo. The part that looks black is actually purple. The colors are much more subtle than the picture shows. I used foil glue for this application, and I found it easy to use.


Plays with Needles said...

Looks like you're stepping out in style and I loved the step-by-step instructions -- I can see that you've really stepped up your game a bit. The feet are my fave!

Lynn said...

This is so clever!

pam T said...

Way cool, Marty! I love your "step by step" instructions on everything! I keep meaning to take one of the classes at Joggles, is this the first you've taken?
the results certainly seem worth it, messy feet and all!

Hélène H said...

Beautiful and fun book !