Saturday, September 13, 2008

Project Progress

I'm making progress on the raw edge collage sweatshirt jacket. After preparing the sweatshirt and cutting the fabric pieces, I placed them randomly on the sweatshirt front and back. After a little bit of rearranging and removing most of the pieces with a lot of white, I pinned the patches on the sweatshirt.

That's where I got stuck. I had used all my straight pins on the front and the back and had none left to pin the patches on the sleeves. Now the other time I did this, I used glue stick to attach the patches to the sweatshirt. I didn't think that worked too well. The more I handled the sweatshirt, the more the patches came off. Glue stick doesn't hold up well to the stretching of the foundation fabric. So I resorted to pins. This time I started with pins, but I didn't have enough for the entire sweatshirt.

I decided to go ahead and zigzag around all the patches on the front and the back before starting on the sleeves. Zigzagging around these patches is not the most exciting part of the project. It took several hours to do the front and several more hours to do the back.

Then I pinned the patches on the sleeves and started sewing them on. It's a couple of hours per sleeve. I just have a little more to do on the second sleeve.

I'm pleased with the combination of fabrics. Many of them came from Northcott Fabric's Quest for the Cure collection for several different years. I'm glad I took the whiter patches off.

I just have to get this finished enough for Thursday's meeting of the Renegade Militant Seamstresses. I think I'm going to have to go to the fabric store to get some sweatshirt fabric to make some small step-by-step prototypes.

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