Monday, September 15, 2008

Beaded Pin

To the long list of things I don't know how to do, add the way to get this picture horizontal. AARGH!

If you want to get a better look at the pin-in-progress, lie down with your head to the right and look at it sideways. Pretend the curve is on the top and the straight edge is on the bottom.

I've now finished the picot stitch all the way around the top, attaching the ultrasuede backing to the pin. Next I will add some beaded fringe to the bottom. Then I will sew the pin back on--and I will sew it on so that the pin hangs the right way!

In the photo, the beads look more blue than they do in reality. It actually is a very dark pin, with differences in sparkle and shape showing rather than differences in color. Although the blue is nice, too.

And I'm still working on the photography part. I have learned about the macro mode (Is it a mode?) on the camera and I've played with flash and no flash. Now if we had some sun, I could try that, too.

I'd like to sign the back of the pin, but I haven't found anything that doesn't seem to rub off ultrasuede. Any suggestions?


KV said...

This is cool, Marty! I use an ultra-fine point Sharpie to sign on Ultrasuede . . . as far as I know it has not ever rubbed off.

Kathy V in NM

heidibeads said...

Love the pin, and my imaginagtion went wild when you said laydown and turn your head to see it right! I could just imagine everyone doing it! It's beautiful, looking forward to the finished project.

beadbabe49 said...

I use the ultrafine sharpie also and have had no problems...
How are you sewing the pin back on after the edging? Wouldn't it be easier to sew the pin back onto the ultrasuede before you sew the edging on? (that's how I do it, and now I'm wondering if I'm missing some neat trick, lol)

Marty S said...

More help needed...
The backing is black ultrasuede. Is there a color in a Sharpie that would show up?

The reason I sew the pin back on last is to prevent poking myself with it when I put the picot edge or fringe on. Am I missing something? (Well, the answer to that is certainly yes. What I really mean is am I missing something in regard to sewing on the pin back?)
Marty S

Glass0Beads said...

Hiya, Marty S, Helene here. What a beautiful blog. Everybody is so far ahead of my and, after last night's fight, my hands are screaming at me and memory wire.
I put a comment here because I can't find a direct email.
I had an email from Robin about my enthusiasm re: Oasis Bead Show. She feels andmorebjp08.blogspot isn't the place for it. I've removed that entry but wanted to thank you for your comment.
My class is on Thursday, set up day, and I can't get back until Saturday for the merchants' mall and some seminars. I expect to be prostrate for a couple of days after that so check me out at (it's a #0, not letter O) for disjointed and garbled excitement there.
Thanks again for your kind remarks.
Helene aka Glass0Beads

SueU said...

My husband would wonder what I was up to if I put my head down on the keyboard to look at your pin, he knows I'm a little wierd, but he might question that move.

Your Pin is wonderful, love the colors and can't wait to see the finished piece.

I glue my pin back to the foundation of the piece then cut tiny holes in the ultrasuede, slide it over the pin and clasp post, then add a little glue to hold the ultrasuede in place while I do the edging. I like the clean neat look when finished this way.

Betty said...

love your pin. When you laod your photos into computer, there is a little arrow that lets you rotate the picture before you post. I'm new to this stuff,but my granddaugher showed me . Hope you can find it. Happy beading

freebird said...

I used a micron ink pen but it smudged as I didn't realize it needed time to dry. Once I gave it some time it seems to be fine.

Your pictures should upload in the position your file has it already. If is changed that then did you upload it to medium size? That's what I always use and I've never had a problem. Check my narrow picture under this post. Hope this helps. It's a beautiful pin by the way.