Saturday, September 27, 2008

Big Birthday Bash!

It was the Big 0-1! And a fantabulous birthday celebration was held! James, the Birthday Boy, was in great form, enjoying all the people to play with, crawling after the balls, and pushing the new truck. Ah, to be one-year-old!

This is the Birthday Banner I made for James. It shows James wading in the lake during the All Together Week in July. Unlike his cousins, James loved the water. All he needed was someone to hold onto his hands, and off he went! Splash! Splash! Splash! It was pretty darn cute!

James has an unusual decoration in his room. The wall of painted onsies. These were made at the baby shower in the summer of 2007. His grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were the artists. The Jackson Pollock look-alike in the middle was done by his then three-and-a-half year old cousin.

The highlight of the party was the sour cream chocolate cake. We had been promised the "requisite frosting in the hair," but who knew it would be like this? After a first tentative fistful, James decided he liked chocolate. Really liked it. It was good enough that he didn't mind us taking pictures or laughing. He just kept eating. And then smearing. On the face. In the hair. In the ears.

This is the result--the boy with werewolf eyebrows. Don't worry, Mom! It all comes off in the bathtub.

Happy Birthday, James!

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Catherine said...

Well, MOST of it comes off in the bathtub! I was still finding chocolate in his ear the next day.

And I found a chocolate handprint on the bathroom wall a couple days after that... ;-)