Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Bunny Did It!

Last spring my youthful assistants helped me plant some petunias near the patio. The are experienced gardeners and very helpful boys.

They completely took over watering the little plants. Fortunately, the kindergarten and the preschool class had both recently visited the fire station. So the boys knew exactly how to hold the hose. "Just like the firefighters hold the hose, " said the younger one.

The petunias bloomed prolifically, despite my neglect. They were filled with flowers all summer long.

But a few weeks ago, we saw a bunny hiding in the petunias. We love to watch the bunnies in our yard. But we thought that this was not a very good home for a little bunny. After a few days, we noticed that the bunny had taken care of all the petunias. Bad bunny! Please move to a different home!

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freebird said...

Rabbits are so bad where I live that everything we want to grow has chicken wire around it! They eat the bark off our young trees and even nibble branches off of the oleanders before realizing they are poisonous and then they drop them. They are a real pest but after shooting a few my husband just couldn't do it anymore so we just have to put up with them.