Monday, April 13, 2009

The Purple Doll Is Finished!

I finished the Purple Doll today. It will go to the auction to earn money for scholarships for the Florida Library Association. She is five inches tall and three-and-a-half inches across from fingertip to fingertip. Not shown in the photo is a ribbon so she can be hung up. The back is not beaded.

At the bottom part of her skirt are iridescent sequins. The beads are 15/0s, 11/0s, 8/0s, bugles, cubes, and triangles. Her heart started out white, but I colored it with magenta and purple alcohol ink. That turned out pretty well, at least on the third try. I found out that it was possible to erase alcohol ink with rubbing alcohol.

I'd read about stuffing forks. I didn't want to order one so I decided to make my own. My stuffing fork is made from two bamboo skewers and masking tape. The directions for making one are simple: Place the skewers side by side. Tape them together. I consider this fork an amazing success. I found it much easier to stuff the little doll with my fork than with a chopstick or a single skewer.

Good-bye, Little Purple Doll! Find a good home and enjoy your new family.


lorrwill said...

I sure hope that when I grow up my stitches are as even, neat and uniform as yours are. This doll is gorgeous (and I fully admit a particular bias towards this color way).

And stuffing forks! Brilliant.

Nancy said...

I really like the three rainbows/semi-circles that seem to form a diagonal sash across her body. Very pretty!

pam T said...

OOO the doll is so cute! Love purple too, so I am also biased... Gee I really need to try one of these dolls some day. I have a pattern, just not the ambition and could use some of yours!

Sharkeysday said...

Oooo, LOVE this! Thanks for your comment on my blog. My husband cracked up when I told him you agreed I needed more beads - he said "maybe she was being sarcastic!" - ha ha. I don't think you can ever have enough - can you?
Robin's class was wonderful and I can't wait to do the BJP next year! It's so great watching all of you!

Anne said...

I'm so proud and happy to say that Sweet Lady Hyacinth, aka. The Purple Doll, has come to live with me. Thank You. You do such beautiful work - I'm going to enjoy looking at her for a long time and look forward to seeing more of your work.
Thank you so much for your donation to the scholarship fund, too.