Monday, April 6, 2009

Here Be Monster!

Not too scary, I hope.

Last month our fiber arts group had a monster making workshop, and here is my result. At present, she doesn't have a name so suggestions are welcome.

Her defining characteristic is a unique form of synesthesia. Because her eyes are jingle bells, everything she sees is interpreted as a sound. To her, everything visual is musical. Imagine what that is like!

Her bright colors indicate that she likes peppy, cheerful music best. But she also has a tolerance for avant guard music. She also has a bit of a rebellious streak. She has repeatedly ignored her mother when told to cut her hair and trim her eyelashes. She is a warm, loving monster, with cozy, fuzzy skin and arms reaching out to hug.


lorrwill said...

Well this monster would be scary if he wasn't holding his cute little arms open for a hug.

Pretty darned creative (as usual).

lorrwill said...

Oops, I meant her, not him, her. my bad. Please apologize to your monster for me and tell her that I am too old to tell the difference with young people and monsters these days. :-)