Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If yer gonna make an omlette, ya gotta break some eggs.

Above is the first egg. And below is the second egg. You knew this was going to be messy, didn't you?

And here is the omlette. I'm taking a class called Sample Book through Joggles. The instructor is Janet Clark. This class appealed to me as a way to have some structured playtime with some of my stuff. So far, so good.

The front cover of my book has windows with shutters. It is made of tissue paper fused to felt which is then attached to some stiff interfacing. It is stamped and painted.

The back of the cover is above. The windows are made of Angelina film that I ironed over a rubber stamp to give a swirly design.

Below is another view of the front. You can see one shutter opened. The shutter hinges are a double layer of fabric secured between the front and the back. I decided I wanted to make a screen that will stand open rather than a book. The funny looking things on each side are the hinges where I will put the supporting dowels. Designing and manufacturing the various hinges was helped by my total lack of knowledge about engineering and architecture. If you don't know what's right, you can't do anything wrong. Especially with a seam ripper in every room.


Carol said...

Wow. I've seen those classes but not sure I would keep up on line. Things always get in my way!

You cover is cool

Plays with Needles said...

This project looks like a lot of fun Can't wait to see what goes on inside those windows...

Sabine said...

I only yesterday discovered Joggles through a blog I visited. How do they conduct their classes? Videos? Pictured descriptions? It would be very nice if you could tell me what one is to expect.

Of course it goes without saying that I like your window piece very much.


Sabine said...

Alright, Marty, no need to answer my questions about the Joggles classes. Of course I found the answers on their website.