Sunday, December 14, 2008

December Bead Journal

I've got a good start on my December BJP.

The idea I've been thinking about is the longest night of the year. Well, that's a little misleading. What I've really been thinking about is that there are still sparkles on the longest night of the year.

So I decided to use dark beads that sparkle. I'm almost (but not quite) embarrassed by the number of different kinds of dark sparkly beads that I have. And I can't believe how much time I spent sorting through them to choose the ones to use! There is a reason for the title of this blog. The entire situation is a little crackpotty!

I believe I've mentioned before that cleaning up my stuff leads to no good end. A case in point is the pin I showed in the September 15 post. I cleaned up the pin so I could work temporarily on another project. The pin was apparently insulted so it went missing. It was in none of the logical places. Or quite a few illogical ones. I even wondered if I had brought it to a workshop to show and then left it behind. That was part of the inspiration to work with the dark sparkly beads again for the December BJP.

Well, wouldn't you know? The pin showed up. It was in the bag with all the dark sparkly beads. Naughty pin!

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Lynn said...

I love your spin on the longest/darkest night - even though it's long and dark, it can still sparkle. I can't wait to see the night develop. So glad to hear you found your pin - nothing is more maddening than looking and not finding!