Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More December Progress

Progress continues on the December BJP. The more I work with these dark colors, the more interesting I find them. They make me think of a beaded purse or broach from the 20s.

I'd like to make a doll from these beads, too. I made a few faces from paper clay and a few more from another air dry clay. And yes, I used a mold. (Gimme a break! My clay sculpting experience peaked in the fourth grade!) I've been playing with the paints, but I haven't come up with the right color yet. I'll keep trying.

I don't think I'll finish it before we head down to the World Center of Football for Christmas. But I'll take my supplies with me so I can work after the 8:00 p.m. bedtime of the football players.


KrispiS said...

I absolutely LOVE it! The textures and different beads you have used are fabulous! I am going to put this photo into my notebook of textures I like, if you don't mind. Can't wait to see more!

Carol said...

AH! I was going to carry on about how wonderful this piece is with all the different beads you used adding so much texture. Kripsi beat me to it! I just started bead embroidery and have a huge stash of different color beads for this BJP. Didn't know I should be getting some besides round!! Well, I am learning from wonderful beaders like you!

pam T said...

Ohhhh! This is going to be stunning! I love the color and texture too.... Can't wait to see the finished piece!
By the way, Marty, thanks for all the support and thoughts you've been sending my way... much needed and more appreciated!
pam T

heidibeads said...

I think if you had to you could stop right now. This piece really speaks to me and I'm not usually a dark beady person. LOL. I like the way they react with each other - I'll have to purchase some of the dark sparkly kinds!

Robin said...

Both your pin and Dec piece are lovely studies in texture and line! I've always believed that when you hold one thing constant (color in this case), other things can come forward. This is a great example. And to think of the longest night of the year as just that many more minutes of sparkle is so sweet! Love it!

Julie said...

What a beautiful piece. I love the colors. They are not colors I would think to use but I might try them. I love the pin. Beautiful. Julie C