Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spirit Doll, Part 2

The front of the Spirit Doll is finished! Next I will stitch the back on and bead around the edges and finally stuff it. Please ignore the thread across her face. It's too dark for another photo now.

I had planned to use Ultrasuede for the back, but instead of one big piece, I have two, too small pieces. I'll use fabric instead. At first I thought I would used the same fabric that I beaded on, but it just looked kind of blah. I rooted around in the Fabric Storage Cave and found a couple of possibilities. Then I dug under the bed and found some fabric that I had painted last spring. That looks best so I'll use it. Right now it's in the sink with the Synthropol.

But where is the cardboard pattern of the doll for me to use when cutting out the back? In a safe place, no doubt. What good does it do to have planning ahead brilliance (See September 28 post.) when you can't find what you so carefully saved? I did find the two patterns I didn't use. They didn't help much. The lesson of this is to stop cleaning up!


Nancy said...

Wow! I really like how the heart and face turned out. Very neat. And I finally registered for a Google account so I can comment and stop "lurking." :)

freebird said...

I have the same trouble. Put things away in safe places and they are never to be found again - or at least till it's too late. It will be interesting to see how you attach the back and what it looks like.