Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Real Truth About Dust Bunnies, or How to Stop Worrying So You Can Make Art

1. Dust bunnies are neither rats nor bats nor armadillos nor woolly mammoths.
2. Those with dirty glasses do not see dust bunnies.
3. Those with dirty bifocals do not see dust bunnies at all.
4. Threads and fabric scraps on the floor camouflage dust bunnies.
5. Significant others who object to dust bunnies are just asking to vacuum.
6. Dust bunnies do not follow one to fabric shops or bead stores.
7. Dust bunnies do not clean up your stuff so you can't find anything.
8. If you sit on a chair when you eat, dust bunnies will not get in your food.
9. Clutter can hide many dust bunnies.
10. It is better to have dust bunnies on your floor than in your head.
11. It is better to have both dust bunnies and clutter on your floor than to have either in your head.


freebird said...

My eyes are so bad I didn't know there were dust bunnies at all till my husband had to go and show me!!

The bad Liz said...

Dust bunnies have no calories so they are not a threat to me...

Magpie Sue said...

Oh Marty! I have just discovered your blog - and all of your fabulous beadwork - because I'm thinking of participating in the BJP in 2010. (I was part of the first one but decided to take this year off.) I have to stop in my reading of your entire blog to ask for permission to post your "Real Truth About Dust Bunnies" on my blog :- ) Please?