Sunday, January 18, 2009

Little Pinky Deere

Let me introduce you to Little Pinky Deere. She is a doll I made for a swap, so like all the other dolls I have made she will be moving on to a new home. But isn't that what parenting is all about? You do your best to bead them and you send them out into the wider world.

Little Pinky Deere is three inches tall. Her face is one of the cabs I made with air-dry clay. It has two coats of paint. I can't remember what the first coat was, but the second coat was Jacquard Lumiere Halo Pink Gold. It is sealed with a craft polyurethane. The face cab is held on with beads, not glue. She has a ribbon on the top so she can be hung up.

This is the back. First I beaded the front, then I whip stitched the front to the back, leaving an opening for stuffing. I had to push the stuffing through the neck with a bamboo skewer. After stitching the hole closed, I edged Pinky with a picot stitch. To give her hair, I used a picot variation. Then I decided to try to bead on the back with a curved beading needle. It's just about as tricky as I thought it would be. More practice with the curved needle is definitely needed.

Little Pinky Deere lives in this bag when she is not on duty sharing the love. It is made of a poly satin and it is lined with the same fabric. The color is not as purple as it shows in the photo. I received the fabric as a sort of challenge Christmas gift. The giftor reported that it was the first cut off the bolt, and she wondered what I would do with it. So here it is.

I know you've been wondering about the name, Little Pinky Deere. No it is not a spelling issue. Her last name comes from her special home. See the back of the bag below.

And some people wondered why this was the first cut off the bolt!


Lynn said...

OH MY GOSH! I love Little Pinky Deere (John would be proud!) - how sweet is she?????!!! I was so surprised to read that you stuff her after she is beaded. I have only done a pre-stuffed object - I think your way would be so much easier. I have 3 face cabs I bought off etsy just begging to be given bodies - now I can try it your way. Thanks for a great post!

Carol said...

Pinky is really pretty. I love her little pouch, and I especially like how she got her name. Little Piny Deere is really a Dear!

Rose Anne B said...

Ohhh Marty I love your pretty doll and I don't like pink - so that means lots!!!

Also thank you for your comments on my blog today, much appreciated.

Catherine said...

Oh fabulous! I knew you would find just the perfect use for that fabric. :-)

Robin said...

Sombody got really, really, really lucky on this swap! I love her face, shape and everything else about her!

Robin A.

pam T said...

oh how very cool! who in the heck would put a John Deere logo on PINK material????
She is SOOOO cute!
WOW, duh, now very cool idea to bead the front separately and then stuff it. Maybe that's my problem when I've tried this stuff... feel too sensitive about sticking the needles through a STUFFED Body! :)

Sabine said...

What an absolute sweetie! And she lives in a lovely home. Isn't it hard for you to part with her?