Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Amazing Old Needle Packages!

In my futile search for a nine-inch black zipper this afternoon, I found these wonderful packages of needles in my zipper box. The Colonial Needles (above) are the Best Sheffield Steel.

The Woolco Darners (below) represent perfection in the art of needle making.

A real deal: On sale for twelve cents! Do the math. It's 20% off!

Another wonderful package.

These self-threading needles are the only ones made in Germany.

And these Queen Royal needles are made in Czechoslovakia.

And I am going to ask for Elephant Brand Hatpins!

I wish I knew exactly where they came from. I think they must have been in my mother's sewing stuff. Or maybe they came from my grandmother...


pam T said...

Marty - these are very cool! what a "find"!!! Are you going to use them in anything, or just hang on to them in a stash? Here I've been looking for your "pic" in all the followers on the BJP blogs - you must have removed yourself! Hope all is well!

Marty S said...

Since I'm a blog novice, the follower thing has eluded me. I actually check all three BJP blogs nearly every day. They're bookmarked on the computer.

As far as the needle packages go, I think they would be wonderful in some sort of collage. I'm pondering the options.

All is well here, if you don't care whether the morning paper is delivered and you enjoy shoveling the snow so much that you do it twice by early afternoon. Ok, that was my husband, not me. But I'm sure it's not as cold as it is where you are...
Marty S

pam T said...

ha... well maybe its a blog thing or that elusive computer knowledge on my part also, but today I am seeing your "pic" on all the blogs again. weird, huh? Hip fluff. Sounds very nice, but I would have to call mine simply hip blubber. ugh.