Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hip Fluff, A Vintage Zipper, Music to Sew By, and Other Amusements for a Snow Day, None of Which Involve Touching a Vacuum Cleaner

Part I: The Snow Day
I called a snow day today. The weather reports last night said snow, wind, and single-digit temps. It was snowing like crazy when we went to bed. So I didn't set my alarm to get up in time for my exercise class. When I got up (at the time my alarm would have gone off), it was again snowing like crazy. I was quite surprised that our local schools were not closed, although the district immediately to the south was closed. The morning newspaper was not delivered. So I called a snow day. I put on my football pants and an old sweatshirt. No exercise class for me.

Part II: The Black Corduroy Slacks, Including a Discussion of Hip Fluff and Fun with a Vintage Zipper
Yesterday afternoon I cut out and started sewing a pair of black corduroy slacks. I made some pattern alterations so they would fit my new svelte self. The main alteration was in the high hip area. Before I started taking Zumba Gold last summer, I suffered from hip fluff. That's the soft, pudgy area immediately below the waist. My previous perfect fit pants pattern had some elastic added to the waistband. That helped ease in the fabric needed to accommodate the hip fluff. Now that my hip fluff has diminished, I wanted to take out some of the extra fabric for a smoother fit. I enlarged the darts at the waist and took in the side seams at the waist.

Now for the zipper: When I was unable to find a black 9-inch zipper in my zipper box yesterday afternoon, I contemplated a quick trip to the fabric store. But the weather was nasty then, too. Luckily, in addition to the vintage needles (yesterday's post), I found a black dress zipper in the drawer. This is a zipper that is closed at both ends so it can be inserted in the side seam of a fitted dress like the ones Beaver Cleaver's mother wore in the 1950s. I don't think they make this kind of zipper anymore. I wish I had taken a picture before I put it in the slacks because some of you may not have seen one before. Obviously, the top of the zipper needed to be cut off so it could open all the way. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to get into the pants. This process has two major opportunities for disaster. First, cutting off the top while it is zipped up. OOPS! There goes the zipper pull. Second, zipping up the zipper after the top has been cut off. OOPS! There goes the zipper pull. Please do not ask how I know these things. Anyway, I got the zipper in without incident. The slacks are pretty much finished. Now I've got all these little black corduroy nerds (fuzz) all over the house. I just track them from one place to another. No sense getting out the vacuum cleaner until I hem the pants, though.

Part III: Music to Sew By
I bought myself a new CD before Christmas. This brings my grand total of CDs to 11--or maybe 12 since it's a two-CD set. It's Elton John's Greatest Hits. This is great music to sew by. I just keep sewing and sewing and sewing. And when I stand up and wait for the iron to heat up, I find myself dancing! Crocodile Rock--I mean, how can you not dance? These Elton John CDs are somewhat louder than my other sewing music, James Taylor, Norah Jones, Eric Clapton. Ok, Hair can get a little loud. I'll need to be careful that I don't deafen myself. Now what does this collection of music say about me? Don't answer that if it's not good!

Part IV: Amusements for a Snow Day
Some people think that the most fun thing to do on a snow day is to deconstruct a broken computer. Those people would not include me. But in case it includes you, I give you the photo of the non-functional motherboard that made its appearance on our dining table this afternoon. Some people are pretty excited when they get it out without busting anything (Did I say the computer was broken and the motherboard was non-functional?) so they can send it in someplace for a repair estimate. Pretty darn cool, or something...

Other people (that would include me) like to have plenty of reading material available for a snow day. We have a great public library, and this is what they're letting me use this week. There is actually another one on the shelf that I neglected to put in the picture. I really need this many books. After all, I'm the one that takes three books on a flight--my book, my security book (in case I finish my book or it's no good), and my auxilary security book (same thing).

Tomorrow, it's exercise class. If we don't get snowed in.

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