Monday, January 31, 2011

Starting The New Year Right!

My January 2011 Bead Journal Project is Starting The New Year Right. For me, starting the new year right means using my favorite color for beading. I really like all shades of blue, but this periwinkle blue is my all time favorite. It makes me happy, happy, happy!

When I was very little, my sister and I would help my mother bake Christmas cookies. My sister, 14 months older, decided that red was her favorite color and so the cookies with the red sugar were hers. I can remember my mother telling me that green was my color and the cookies with the green sugar were mine. For a long time green was my favorite color. I still like green, but I love blue.

I've used blue in other Bead Journal pages. I used blue to show Abundance here and Tranquility here and to remember Morocco here.

Technical Details:

The foundation is Lacy's Stiff Stuff painted with watered down blue Dye-na-Flow.

This page contains the usual combination of 15/0s, 11/0s, 8/0s, and 6/0s plus some hexes, cubes, and charlottes. There are also some flat teardrop shaped beads and some flat round beads.

I used the backstitch and the stop stitch.

The page is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. That's the same size as my 2010 Bead Journal pages.

The thread is blue Nymo D.

What I Was Thinking:

Happy thoughts! I love working with blue. This page has a very small range of color and value, and it was interesting to see myself continue to try to limit that range. And I wondered whether I could really do all twelve pages for 2011 in different shades of blue.

Issues that Came Up:

The most challenging thing about this page was trying to get it balanced. The three "wallpaper motifs" above the row of bugles went on early. The three "eyebrows" (that's the way I think of them--call them what you want) of 6/0 beads seemed so heavy. I didn't have any more of the 6/0 beads to use elsewhere on the page. In the end, I think the teardrop beads and the three smaller "wallpaper motifs" above the "eyebrows" helped to balance the page. Ripping was not required.

And now, can I really do all twelve pages for 2011 in different shades of blue? No need to decide till tomorrow, when February starts.


Anonymous said...

This is a great start to the year.I checked back to your other projects, and the tips were helpful. Thanks.I am SLOW to start this year.BUT I have an idea of what to do!!
Like your work.Thanks for sharing.

Raphaela said...

Beautiful work.

Trish said...

I also LOVE blue, and your piece is so pretty! I'm just beginning to learn this (first year as part of the BJP), so your piece is a real inspiration!

Carol said...

O Gosh! I could look at your work all day. I am always enthralled with your symmetry and perfect placement. 12 months of blue, DIFFERENT blues? I doooon't knooow!

A Creative Dream... said...

Wow... the patience... how beautiful it turned out!

Wendy said...

Hello, I stopped by as you left a comment for me, but wow, I wasn't expecting to see such spectacular work - that is incredible! I'm not a beader, but I've bookmarked you to come and have a look round! I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog, I wanted to reply to your lovely comment but you are a no-reply blogger so I couldn't. Let me know if you want to fix that so people can reply to your comments and I'll tell you how.

Laura said...

I love the teardrop beads! Blue is my favorite color, as well. This whole piece works together so well.

Robin said...

Balanced it is, Marty! Yep, the "eyebrows" are heavy, but I didn't even notice them... had to scroll back up to see what you were talking about. I've never done a piece in just one color, but girl, you do inspire me to try!

Robin A.

Shel said...

Beautiful blues...look forward to seeing what else you do with blue.

Karin said...

Beautiful as always! I find your work so inspiring, and often think of your style when deciding to make for my own BJP's.

Magpie Sue said...

A whole year of blue?! I'm not sure I could do it - in any color - but I'll be watching to see whether you do! This is another spectacular piece. Whenever I need inspiration I know where to look! :- )

Lisa Fuller said...

I love work like this that shows different shades, weights, shapes and stitches. It's like a beautiful sampler that inspires me to want run to the beads. :)

Lynn said...

I don't think the eyebrows are heavy at all-they add nice contrast!

what a challenge to work in blue all year. I think its going to be neat and I know you will make each piece interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing each month!

char said...

Beautiful work. Love the blue. It will be fun to watch your journal progress.