Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not Pink Either! October BJP

It's not pink either. My October 2008 BJP was Not Quite Pink, and this one is Not Pink Either. It's a different color than the earlier page, but it's not pink either.

October is the Relentlessly Pink Month. I'm a survivor, and I support the cause. But I don't necessarily want to think about it while I'm buying cauliflower. So I bead in a color that is not pink.

After September's character-building experience of using fuchsia (When will I ever learn how to spell the name of that color and what is the deep psychological meaning of the misspelling?), I resolved to use a color that was more comfortable, pleasant, and soothing. In fact, this month's color was so comfortable, pleasant, and soothing that I forgot to ask its name. Dusty rose? Dark roseline? Salmon? Whatever. It's not pink either.

Technical Details:

As always, Lacy's Stiff Stuff is the foundation. I painted it with a mixture of Dye-na-Flow and Sherrill's Sorbets in a combination so secret that not even I can remember what was used.

The beads are the usual round 15/0s, 11/0s, 8/0s, and a few 6/0s. In addition, there are bugles, triangles, hexes, Delicas, and some 1.4 mm cubes.

Stitches used are the backstitch, stop stitch, lazy stitch, and a twisted stitch with an unknown name.

The page is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

I used baby pink and light mauve Nymo thread.

What I Was Thinking:

Mostly I was glad to be done with the stressful, intense fuchsia. (Rats! Misspelled it again!) Whatever this not-pink-either color is, a person can breathe deeply and slowly and smile while using it. It's like yoga, only with beads.

Issues That Came Up:

Some day I'll learn not to crowd the beads so much. Until then, the more the merrier.

I actually finished this in October, but I am a little behind in posting. I had two newsletters to write, which used up about all of my enthusiasm for the computer. Plus I got quite distracted researching a trip to--Woo-Hoo!--Turkey.


Carol said...

Well, pink or not, as usual for you, its stunningly beaded. I don't think there are many others that I think bead embroider as well as you.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

This is quite a yummy type of confection! I'm not a pink person myself, but admit that I really do like your "not pink" colour....I find this one quitle calm and relaxing.

Emerald Window said...

I'm also a cancer survivor and support the cause, but pink is one of my least favorite colors. I always whined about Breast cancer being the "Pink cancer". Couldn't it have been purple or a nice green? Oh well.
I think your new page looks more Rose than pink - and it's BEAUTIFUL!
PS Turkey - What fun! Lucky girl.

Cyndi L said...

Whatever color you chose to call it is fine with's gorgeous :-)

Robbie said...

Love the 'not pink' piece! The use of hex beads is really interesting..great piece!!

Gypsy said...

Yes, definitely 'rose', not 'p-i-n-k'!! And most definitely beautiful!