Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Risk In My Beading

Did you figure out what risk I took in my August Bead Journal Page? Did you see what is different than the other pages I made? Take another look. It's below.

Someone thought it was the recognizable shape, but I think April 2009's "Choosing to Grow" is the closest to a picture of anything I've done.

Others thought about the hearts, but hearts were here in February 2009's page, "Why Are You Always So Happy?"

Still others mentioned straight lines, but they were here in May 2009 in "It's All About Control."

And in March 2010's "Meditations in Shades of Gray."

Now do you see what is new and different--and risky--in my August piece? More than one color. In fact, two colors! It's a shock to my monochromatic system!

Or maybe, just maybe, you see something in my work that I miss...

And for those who asked, the hearts have no symbolic meaning. I just loved the colors. And my personal risk has nothing to do with my heart, either physically or emotionally, except in the way that everything centers on the heart.

I put the hearts on first, but I realized as I was finishing the page that I could have just as easily have sewn them on last. Or could I have really done that? Probably not, because the design began with the line of hearts. This page was done with no planning, design lines, or sketches beforehand. It was completely improvisational.

Thanks, all, for looking at my work. I appreciate your thoughtful comments.


Plays with Needles said...

Your risk in this bjp paid off Marty. It's wonderful.

Wendy said...

Your work is incredible!! I love the blue and green page the most. I would so like to produce something like this!