Saturday, July 4, 2009

Reflections on BJP 08-09

I lurked around the edges of the BJP 07-08, admiring everyone's work and wishing I could participate.

When I read about BJP 08-09, I wanted to join. But I'm not a real artist; I'm just someone who plays with beads. Could I keep up? Would I be comfortable making my beading public? How much would I be willing to share in my blog? What kind of response would I get from the bead artists?

Somewhat aprehensively, I signed up. And then I started to get excited. I was so excited that I started my September piece in August and finished it the first week of September. It was fun!

My original idea was that my year-long journal would be trying new techniques. That focus didn't last too long. By October, I had begun using my beading to process, reflect on, explore things in my life. I became more and more willing to share myself with other BJP members.

I'm a pretty reserved person, and I did not expect to make BJP friends. But I have, and that has been the most rewarding part. It has been wonderful to share experiences--sometimes about beading, sometimes about other things--with these new friends. Everyone has been helpful, encouraging, and affirming.

I continue to be in awe of the beautiful art made by the BJP members. I am already planning to participate in BJP '10.

Thanks to you, Robin, and your team for giving me this opportunity.


pam T said...

Marty, I am very glad you will be joining us for another year! Your beading and all your art is beautiful and your blog is definitely a joy to read and I feel like you have been an incredible friend to me besides. Thank you!

flyingbeader said...

HEY! You are an ARTIST...keep repeating that out loud, then take a visual lariat, rope all those words & tie them around your heart. YOU ARE!

I'm going for another year also. This time I'm going to actually plan something out to force myself to do more visual journaling like Robin's post last month. I've been too reserved in dissecting what I do & making it public.

Love reading your musing.


Carol said...

Hi Marty
I'm glad you and most of my other BJP friends are coming back. This was my first year also. I never thought there wouldn't be another year, so the poll gave me pause.
Glad we are coming back and I too am going to plan a more organized journaling.

freebird said...

Well good for you. Yes, opening ourselves up to strangers is scary. The funny thing is though, as we do we find out we really are a human family and connected by so much similar stuff that we become quite comfortable. At least, that's what I've found.