Sunday, July 19, 2009

The All Together Week Quilt

Last week was the All Together Week. It was a blast! One of the traditional activities is for the five Crackpot Quilters to gather and make a quilt for charity. We did it again this year. Based on the fact that last year's quilt has remained a quilt top still waiting for finishing (and that one of our members would be accompanied by her adorable 22-month-old assistant), we decided to aim for just a quilt top. It will go to Quiltmaker magazine's Project Linus efforts.

Although there was some discussion of using a puzzle piece pattern, we settled on Chinese Coins, a traditional quilt pattern. Our plan was to use scraps we already had for the coins. One member of the group had spent considerable time organizing her fabric scraps and cutting them into pieces 2 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches. We decided to use this size for our coins so we could incorporate some of her pieces. The quilt would have three strips of coins, separated and surrounded by black sashing.

Here is our collection of fabrics to choose from:

And here are our strips sewn together. There are six strips, enough for two quilt tops. The polka dot fabric on the right side and lower edge will be the border.

And here is the middle of one quilt top with the black sashing attached:

We were pleased with our progress on the quilt tops. It was a fun project.


pam T said...

Sounds like a fun group Marty! the quilt top ended up so pretty and colorful...

freebird said...

Looks very nice too!