Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Any Resemblence To The Original Pattern

is completely coincidental and entirely unintended. Or something like that...

I've had this pattern in my stash for a few years. I liked the size--8" x 9"-- and the cross body strap. But there were no zippers, and I like to keep my valuable stuff secure. I mean, who wants her Chapstick falling out of her purse? I also prefer a more inconspicuous purse for traveling.

I used a black corded polyester. I stabilized the fabric with black French Fuse. I like this fabric, and I think it would make a nice pair of tailored slacks for those who wear polyester. At $3.97 per yard and 60 inches wide, it would be worth a try.

Here's the front of the purse. Instead of velcro, I used a loop and a covered button as a closure. If you look carefully, you can see that I have added a gusset around the sides to add more volume to the body of the purse.

Here's the front with the flap open. I put a zipper pocket on the inside of the flap. Instead of the pattern's one large pocket on the front, I put two flat pockets on the front. The pockets will hold phone and sunglasses, and the closed flap will keep them in place. I also added a key hook inside one pocket. You can see the zippered gusset at the top.

I put a zipper pocket on the back. This pocket will keep my coupons for 40% off at the fabric store right where I can find them.

And here's the lining. Originally I planned to use the outer fabric for the lining. But I wanted to put a zipper pocket inside, and I'd run out of black zippers. So I looked for a zipper I'd be unlikely to use for anything else. I found a 24" red zipper, and then I found some red print quilting cotton to match the zipper. I interfaced the lining with a crisp fusible. I also put the pocket intended for the front of the purse on the inside. It is a couple of inches wider than the purse and the top is elasticized.

As with most of these projects, the engineering was the most interesting part. I wanted no unfinished seams exposed. In order to attach the lining to the top gusset, I needed a brief consultation with Dr. Mathematics. So now I know quite a bit more about closed cylinders.

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