Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Blizzard of 2011 and What She Did

Remember the Midwestern Blizzard of February 1 and 2, 2011? What would you have done in that blizzard?

What would you have done if you opened your front door on February 2 to find this?

Or if you pushed the snow off your back steps and looked across your courtyard toward your garage and found this?

Or if you trudged around the block and into your garage and opened the door to look across your courtyard from the other direction and you saw this?

If there were snowdrifts taller than you, what would you do? If you were She Who Shall Not Be Named, you'd get your snow shovel and twenty (20) minutes later you'd see this:

And this:

Her name must be Superwoman!

And if you were the mother of Superwoman, what would you do? You'd print the photos on fabric and make them into a wall hanging for Superwoman's birthday present.

Happy Birthday, Superwoman!


Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

what a great idea! happy birthday superwoman!

Carol said...

OMGosh!!! This is a fabulous post and a MOST fabulous gift!! I just love this. People are always talking about our Blizzard of 1978 and what we did and how high the snow was...this is just a perfect gift. Just perfect.

Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy your blog?

Barbara said...

Very cute idea! Incredible snow, and now a memory preserved. :)

Peacock said...

OMG! awesome snow! When I was a kid I thought that it would be no end of awesome to live in a place where the snow literally blocked the doors like this! Now that I'm an adult, I dread to think what the moisture and weight would do to a house over time. :P ... Glad it's you, not me! ;) Thank you for sharing these photos!! and what a wonderful wall hanging to commemorate it!