Friday, September 4, 2009

Fancy Feet!

Aren't they fabulous?

And they're mine, all mine!

In June at the Relay for Life, I won a certificate for a pedicure in the door prize drawing for survivors. Not an ordinary pedicure, but a Spa Pedicure!

This week I ventured out for the Spa Pedicure. I have never had a pedicure before. Or even a manicure. It was my chance to become glamorous!

One of the many reasons I've never had a Spa Pedicure (or even a regular one) before has to do with my everyday footwear:

And my dress-up footwear:

And my football footwear:

And my... Oh, no, these aren't my footwear, but they are my feet.

The size of my feet makes it difficult to find footwear. I wear size 5AA. One of the first things I learned when we moved to West Michigan is that Dutch people are tall and have big feet. And they brought those feet to West Michigan. I've been laughed out of every shoe store in town. And it's getting harder to find shoes in my size online. Several manufacturers that used to make my size no longer do. New Balance, my previous favorite shoes, even changed their last to provide "a roomier toe box". I don't need that room, and the size I used to wear is now too wide.

is what is available in my size. After you eliminate all the Birkenstocks, which are too wide, all the tap dance shoes, all the ballet shoes, and all the shoes over $150, there's not much left. (If you have a good source of shoes in my size, please let me know.)

The Spa Pedicure itself was wonderful. I should have taken notes, because I can't remember even half the steps. The massaging chair, the foot soak, the exfoliating cream, the lotion, the feet in plastic bags wrapped in a hot towel, the foot and leg massage. And after both feet were done, it seemed the same steps were repeated except with different creams and lotions. My toenails were filed, my calluses and rough spots were treated, my cuticles were pushed back, and several coats of polish were applied to my toenails. I read Elle, Glamour, and three issues of People.

I left the salon with my well-moisturized feel sliding all over my sandals. When I got home, I sat for an hour with my fancy feet on the footstool so the polish could dry completely. And then I put my socks and shoes back on. My feet were freezing.

And now I'm glamorous. I'll definitely win a Spa Pedicure again.


flyingbeader said...

LOL! This post really cracked me up. I've noticed over the year that my feet have "expanded". Probably from the multiple breaks &/or standing on my feet at the hospital for years & years & years. I"ve gone from a 7 AAA to a 9 wide! I have problems because my feet are too wide now & some shoes will actually press against the area that was broken, so you see I'm on the other end...Berkies feel good to me.


pam T said...

omg Marty, you are too funny. LOVE the clogs! what an indulgent and lovely thing to win! Although I would probably be too embarrassed to actually use it, talk about ugly toenails! Sorry, no source for your size feet, but you can always just go with socks, I know those usually fit, right?

Plays with Needles said...

I loved hearing the whole story about your feet and shoes...I had an Aunt who was a AAA and it was always so hard for her to find anything...just go barefoot for a few days and get used to the feeling of looking down at those pretty toes...