Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Baaaak!

After two and an half months on the lam, the X-acto knife is back. Prior to the visit of the grandsons in mid-June, all the dangerous tools were to depart temporarily from the Room Eventually to Be Known as the Room Formerly Known as Pink. The X-acto knife resisted. Luckily, it was discovered just before the boys arrived.

I fear I may have spoken too sharply to the knife about the situation, because it left in a snit, only to return in its own good time. Its whereabouts were unknown until yesterday when it showed up in the Fabric Storage Cave, aka the basement. In the meantime, numerous searches were conducted, and an enormous amount of time was wasted in unnecessary cleaning and the disruption of the spontaneous organizational system. One fears that other important items may have escaped during this process.

All I can say is the X-acto knife is lucky nothing rusted while it was in the basement.

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